Beginning in 1996 with his first term in the General Assembly, Dennis Horlander sought to protect the public by limiting access to electronic records and databases by convicted felons and those convicted of crimes.  He has continued to protect the public through legislation that he has sponsored and supported throughout the years.

Representative Horlander has sponsored a number of bills having to do with fair elections and access for voters.  In 2000, Dennis Horlander sponsored the bill to require all voting locations to mark their voter entrances with American flags.  He became the “go-to” legislator for counties and cities to improve voting procedures.

In 2005, Dennis Horlander passed legislation to strengthen Kentucky’s child support laws.  House Bill 155 required employers to notify the Cabinet for Families and Children and child support agencies before any lump sum payment is made to employee.

Dennis Horlander passed consumer protection legislation in 2008 that required club memberships to allow the consumer to cancel his or her membership in a shorter period of time and eliminate being charged if the person chooses not to participate.

More recently, Rep. Horlander sponsored legislation to strengthen building code safety and general practices at assisted living facilities.

In the 2012 session of the General Assembly, Rep. Horlander sponsored House Bill 62 to file a deed in lieu of foreclosure with the county clerks.  Jefferson County has approximately 7,000 vacant properties many of which are unsightly and run-down.  HB 62 will help local governments identify the owners of these properties in order to bring them in to compliance with local codes.

Rep. Horlander is the sponsor of House Bil 513 relating to tax credits for environmental remediation.  In urban areas, builders and owners will receive a tax credit for cleaning up or renovating contaminated properties.

Rep. Horlander is a co-sponsor on critical legislation to curb human trafficking in Kentucky and restore voting rights for convicted non-violent felons who have re-paid their debt to society.

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