I Will Work For You

Dear Friends,

We are just a couple of weeks from the Primary Election. The future of our neighborhoods in Louisville is on the line in this important race. Please vote by mail on or before June 23rd. There will be just one polling place on Election Day.

During the last campaign in 2018, I buried my son, buried my father and had two major back surgeries. I was unable to serve in my normal capacity, nor was I able to campaign. Consequently, I lost the election in 2018.

I am back now and stronger than ever, ready to work for you. I have been taking phone calls for months and providing assistance to people who are out of work and trying to deal with the current crises our community is facing.

I will work hard for you, I will attend your neighborhood meetings (not just at election time). I will take your calls and always return your phone calls–I will be accessible.  Here is my personal cell phone–if you need me, call me at 502.931.800. I give you my pledge:

  • I will bring common-sense values to Frankfort
  • I will return your phone calls (mobile 502.931.8000)
  • I will attend neighborhood group meetings
  • I will stand up for schools and teachers
  • I will work to secure road funds for our district
  • Proud to have the University of Louisville in the district
  • If it is a good idea, I will support it regardless of political party
  • I will support medical marijuana
  • I will be a taxpayer and consumer protection watchdog
  • I will work to make sure we get our fair share of the budget
  • I will get things done!


Paid for by Dennis Horlander for State Representative